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I have long wanted to compost but I couldn't find the right system for us. We don't have a large backyard. I didn't want anything big, dirty, smelly or difficult. About eight months ago I came across the Bokashi system and am now recommending it to everyone I know. 

The unexpected benefit of the Bokashi is that a three year old (even an older two year old) can do it all by himself. We do not ask, tell or request Caspar to do the composting, he just does it and has taken it as his job, his responsibility. While he is at work I do not assist, interrupt or interfere. This work is self empowering and genuine. He knows it is real work. How wonderful for him to be able to contribute in a meaningful way, not only to our family life but also to the environment. 

Our food waste bucket lives under our kitchen sink and the Bokashi lives in another kitchen cupboard. All within easy reach. 

Step one. Add food waste.


Step two. Use child sized masher to push down the food waste. This compacts the waste and reduces air pockets. 


Step three. Use scoop to sprinkle on a thin layer of Bokashi mix. This mix is a combination of wheat bran, rice husks and micro-organisms which ferment the waste and accelerate it's breakdown. 


Step four. Put on air tight lid and back in cupboard.

When the Bokashi is full we completely bury the waste and start again. It does have a tap on the bottom from which you can occasionally drain the 'juice' which is great for plants. Composting has really made us think and talk about food wastage and has dramatically increased the worms in our garden. Yes, we love worms. 

We purchased our Bokashi online from Todae but our local hardware store does stock Bokashi mix which makes refills really convenient. 

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