"I don't want to go to school today"
A room of their own



Most children really enjoy observing nature. A couple of months ago we set up a simple bird bath in our backyard to attract more birds. We also live close to a park and are surrounded by lots of lovely walking paths from which we can observe many native bird species. 

To extend our bird watching activities and improve our bird knowledge I arranged this (pictured above) Australian bird matching activity. 

Caspar still really enjoys matching activities and will use them frequently. I ordered the birds from Mini Zoo and I made the cards using the SEN Teacher site. This is a really easy and cheap activity to put together. Caspar usually takes this activity outside which makes sense, that's where the birds are.

It didn't take long for him to start asking questions that I couldn't answer. As I didn't want to mislead him I purchased this Steve Parish Kids book (pictured below) which not only answers his questions it also provides lots of information to get him thinking. We don't read the book cover to cover, rather flip through the book and discuss the birds that we have seen or that interest us at the time. 




I am now on the look out for a more in depth native bird field guide. We are starting to want to identify more birds and so many of them look similar. It would be great to have a native plant/tree guide too, my tree knowledge is also very limited. I think I am reasonably well educated but when it comes to simple things like trees, I have no idea. If you can recommend any great guides please let me know. 

This has got me thinking, it would be great to set up a leaf identification activity. Perhaps I will get started on that tomorrow!


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