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Food preparation area

Caspar's food preparation area  

Caspar is naturally becoming more independent and our environment needs to adapt. Also with the arrival of Otis, Caspar needs to do more things for himself including cleaning up. It's also part of the process.

The placemats, napkins and cleaning cloths are all new additions. I have changed the food storage containers. These ones are clear and it is easier to see what is inside. The previous ones had picture labels but I could never tell if they were empty and Caspar stopped using them. 

He now has a step stool. His juicer, apple slinky etc are stored on the next shelf. He can reach it but the step stool helps him to lift things down safely.

The compost bucket is there to make life easier, usually our food scraps bin is on our counter and it is too much for him to put items in the Bokashi every time. 

The two baskets on the floor were much needed. Napkins and dirty placemats were being left everywhere and the dirty dishes basket now stops him from opening the dishwasher (while it is on) or put dirty dishes in on top of a clean load. The sink is still a little high for him to (quietly!) put dishes in it. Also it is fun now to help me load the dishwasher as he has his own basket of dishes to add. 


He is only three but in this photo he is looking very tall! 


He still has a draw in our kitchen for his plates and utensils. Along with his own fridge he can make almost anything he wants!


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