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Montessori versus Baby-led Weaning (BLW)


Weaning has been on my mind. When I refer to weaning I mean the commencement of weaning - the introduction of foods other than breastmilk/formula. 

For my first son Caspar, we used the BLW approach. I do believe that each child is different and previously I wasn't even aware of the Montessori approach.

With Otis we intend on using a combination of both. Montessori commencing at five to six months with lots of finger/family foods incorporated. There are so many things that I love about the Montessori approach - the ritual, cultivating indepedence and control over the environment.

The above table contains my collected thoughts on the two approaches, it also helps to explain a little about them. Click on it to enlarge.

As pictured below I am starting to gather our materials - placements, napkins, small glass and bowl. The fabric isn't like my usual choice but I wanted something sweet and special for Otis. You might think it's a little crazy giving a six month old child a glass or bowl but stay with me. I'll let you know (and show you) how we go.  


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