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Five Things - Great ways to reuse baby food jars

Last week we travelled to my sisters wedding. It was so beautiful. While travelling we used store bought baby food resulting in left over baby food jars. Naturally I wanted to reuse as many as possible. Here are some of the ways we are reusing baby food jars in our home. 


1. Christmas decorations

I featured these in the previous post Handmade Christmas decorations. A little glue, a little glitter to make these extra sparkly candle holders, a great look for Christmas. They would also work well as vases. 

Paper clips on desk

2. Little storage jars

Perfect storage for the little things on my desk. 

Water colour pots

3. Paint and glue pots

These jars come in handy as paint and glue pots. Here we used them for our watercolours. They are just the right size and if you want to keep the paint for later, just pop the lid on tight. 


4. Little cutlery holders

Our little cutlery is on high rotation and in frequent use. What a great way to keep them easy to find and easy to reach. 

Otis with rice shaker

5. Rice shaker

Following the post Little Colour Bottles I was thinking of other uses for the bottles. For a shaker I thought these slightly larger jars would look, feel and sound better. I could have coloured the rice but after the bright colour bottles I preferred to keep the rice natural looking. This was by far his favourite reuse. 

Rice shaker collage

I have also used them to store home dried herbs. They have so, so many uses - what wonderful little jars! 


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