Oh sand tray
More Christmas decorations

Handmade Christmas decorations


There are still glue pots in the kitchen and glitter in my hair. We had a wonderful weekend. Lots of creating and mess making. We are decorating on a budget this year and intend on only using items we already have and reusing/recycling when we can. It was dark before I had time for photographs so here is a start. 


Baby food jars with glue and glitter. I asked Caspar if he wanted to help with some decorations, he said "no thanks". I mentioned glitter and he wanted to help straight away. Do all kids love glitter?


I printed out some large letters and traced them onto watercolour paper. Caspar then painted using watercolours and I cut them out. Using tiny pegs hung them on twine. Merry Christmas!


This weekend Caspar and Otis also had their photograph taken with Santa. It started off well but the photographer was too slow. Otis wanted to eat Santa's hair and it all went downhill from there. We still felt obliged to take the photograph but let just say, we won't be hanging it on the wall this year. 


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