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Basic playdough

Yes it's true. Otis and I often get bored while Caspar is at school. We run out of things to do and I look for activities using materials we already have at home. I thought why not try playdough. For a sensory experience and to use some of those little hand muscles. I looked for the most simple recipe and found this one everywhere. It makes the perfect sized ball just for the two of us. 

As it was Otis's first time with playdough it was a completely new experience. I wanted him to feel it. There was no need to add colour. I only had wholewheat flour and I think this made it a wonderful texture. I know most people aim for smooth dough but I don't mind this one bit. 

Yes, he did try to eat it but most of all he wanted to pat it and then pull it apart. I loved making hand-prints with him. I rolled it into little balls which was fun to squish in our hands.

This playdough was lovely and soft but we only kept it for a couple of days. I know it would last much longer but for Otis (who currently has cold germs) I prefer to give him a fresh batch.  It turned out to be a lovely mother and son activity. 

Otis with playdough


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