Caspar's first reader
Why I love Montessori schools


Upcycled watering bottle

One of my favourite blogs is Say Yes to Hoboken. When Liz wrote about the Upcycled Watering Jug I loved the idea for the younger set. 

I used the same method but with a smaller bottle. 

Caspar gave a demonstration...

Caspar demonstraing watering

and Otis was away.

Otis with upcycled watering bottle

I wasn't sure if Otis was going to be able to do it. I only half filled the bottle so it wasn't too heavy. 

Otis watering

Otis watering herbs


Totally cool for water play too. 

Water play with upcycled watering bottle

Otis and I have the gardening bug. This planter is a great height for Otis. We're making a sensory garden of sorts. We've used established plants so they can tolerate the exuberance of a one-year old. He loves running his hands over the plants and picking the leaves. Can you believe we're only a day away from winter! 

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