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First Crayons

Our Art Centre

How we Montessori Art Centre for multiple ages

A shelf for Caspar (4.5 years), a shelf for Otis (14 months), heaps of storage and hanging space. The cupboard has two doors which Otis cannot independently open yet. But when he can it's totally ok. 

Caspar can reach various paints and painting tools, clay and clay tools, stamps, various glues and fixatives, art aprons and an art caddy. He can ask for help to reach other materials and if there is something he's using often it's easy for me to move it within his reach. 

How we Montessori - Art Centre

Our Art Centre

Otis can reach his crayon bucket and book, playdough with tools, paint pots, his art smock and his easel. 

How we Montessori - 14 month old shelf and easel

Here Otis can show me exactly what he wants to do. Shall we draw Otis? Perhaps some painting? You choose! 

Otis's shelf - 14 months

My next post will include some of Otis's art activities. I also have a lovely post planned for later in the week featuring Caspar creating will all that bark stored up on the wooden tray. I hope you are interested in some art posts this week.

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